Week 4 Individual Challenges

Distance: by Jisoo, challenged by Tony

August  5   ( 1 )

Weeks 4 Individual Challenges

Dessert: by Tony_Foto, challenged by Ilsa

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Week 3 Individual Challenges

Dead Thoughts: by Ilsa, challenged by Tony

July  30   ( 1 )

"How can millions equal one? That’s just what madmen like to claim for fun! And so their rivals’ views each group would blame, one’s near and poison never judged the same: until you can transcend the differences you’ll never breathe in union’s fragrances."

The Masnavi

Weeks 3 Individual Challenges

Original: by Tony_Foto, challenged by Jisoo

July  29   ( 1 )

Week 3 Individual Challenges:

Salt and Pepper: by Jisoo, challenged by Ilsa

July  25   ( 3 )

True Beauty part 12 final~

True Beauty part 11

True Beauty part 10

True Beauty part 9